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Mobile Computer Repair + Web Design Services

What can we do for you?

Mobile Computer Repair

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You’re more than a customer.

SCOTTS (Servicing Computers or Telephone Tech Support)

We’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the business. But something seemed to be missing. We realized there’s much more to business than a “customer” and a “sale”. We believe in relationships. Relationships build lifelong clients. Our clients are not just people we work for, they’re people we grow with.

Mobile repair?

With SCOTTS we come to you. Whether at your office, home, or random public place(we understand), we’ll be there to do everything for you. If we can fix it on the spot, done. If we need to use advanced hardware or software, we take it back to the shop and deliver it to you when it’s complete. It’s that simple.

Mobile Repair Services

We offer a variety of services for your needs


Installation, removal, or troubleshooting any and all your hardware needs.

Virus Removal

Viruses can impede, or completely cripple your system, let us take care of these issues and get you back on track.

Data Backup

In this digital age losing information or pictures can be frustrating. We can back up or recover your hard drives, so you can maintain those special memories.


Whether you need seamless cable installation or just a wireless network setup, our technicians have you covered.


Having issues with your software, or simply need an install, our technicians can lend a hand.

Screen Repair

Accidents happen, let us repair your mobile or laptop screens and save you the frustration.


SCOTTS has the best customer service around and the best prices. Gives you every detail about what they are doing and what they suggest that you do… I will bring my computers to them from now on
Brandon and Chelsea Christian

Knotts Island, NC

Very knowledgeable technicians and took the time to explain everything before and after service was performed.
J Michael Daniels

Norfolk, Virginia

I Couldn’t get my wireless printer to connect to my pc, needed all of my pictures from a broken iPad onto a usb, laptop was running slow and I needed it to be fixed. SCOTTS was able to do all of these for me at a great price!
Alina Lane

Virginia Beach, Virginia


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